Capture And Create Contacts Easily.

Snap a photo and with one click add business cards to your contacts. Sync and collaborate across your sales force and have access to leads instantly.

Up to date information when you need it, anywhere. Spend less time at your desk and more time making sales.

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Own Your Key Relationships.

Be in Control of Your Business.


Flexible Contact Management

Keep all your customers in one place. Nurture your leads and close more sales. Manage your information and your business effectively anywhere.


Real Time Reporting

Access when you need it. With access to real-time dashboards for up to date information on your business you can make informed decisions from anywhere.


Salesforce Automation

Manage your sales process & your sales team efficiently. Collaborate and grow your business through streamlining your sales process & sales tasks.


Customizable User Permissions

Assign profiles and permissions and access settings for users. You decide who see who what, change access and assign additional permissions. Simple.


Pipeline Management

Grow your business through effective lead management. From your first meeting through to closing the sale, track and forecast sales and with greater accuracy.


Business Anywhere

A mobile, customisable sales force automation solution that improves workflows and  sales productivity across your sales team from anywhere.

Scan business cards and
create rich contact profiles easily.
All your information in one place.

Features At A Glance



Never lose a card or an opportunity again. Scan business cards, create profiles and manage your contacts all with your android device.



Dedicated customer support anytime of the day so you get the answers you need when you need them. Contact us by phone, email or live chat.



 Your information is immediately accessible when you need it. Manage contacts, capture content,track sales and collaborate across multiple platforms.



We invest heavily to protect your data that is stored on our servers. Only you have access  & control of  your data. You focus on sales. We focus on security.



With our APIs you can integrate Connector to suit your business requirements. For more information contact us.



Tools such as lead capture forms, proposal templates, email tracking and conversion tracking make it easy to manage your leads and close more sales.

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Build High Value Relationships That Grow Your Business


Contact Management

Scan and create contacts in the cloud. Information when you need it, anywhere. Collaborate with your sales team, build more relationships and close more sales.


360-degree View

All your contact details, notes, files and email history, all in one place. With all your information in the cloud, your sales force have access to up to date information from anywhere.


Import Contacts in Bulk

Quickly import data and contacts from your existing contact management databases using CSV and XML formats into Connector.


Lead Capture Forms

Replace your website contact form with a Connector lead capture form that automatically adds captured lead information into Connector. Receive email alerts as new leads are generated and automate pre-sales workflows to improve efficiency.


Email History Tracking

Connector tracks every email ever sent or received between your contacts providing you with a complete audit trail of all your communications. Easily search the email archive and store email attachments for quick and easy access.


Manage Your Contacts & Manage Opportunities.

With Connector you can generate lead capture forms and create auto response welcome emails and notifications in a matter of minutes. Then all you have to do is cut and paste the HTML generated by Connector HQ onto your website and there it is – a sophisticated lead generation form that is capturing incoming leads 24/7 and automatically sending email notifications to the right team members.


D.I.Y Proposal Templates

Every proposal has standard parts. Connector lets you create individual parts of a proposal as content chunks which can then be bought together into one document in any configuration to put together a proposal.


Pipeline Management

Capture leads from multiple channels and create opportunities on the fly. Then simply click on one button to convert an opportunity into a sale.Thats exactly how Connector HQ makes salesforce automation not just simple but highly efficient.


Conversion Tracking

In a snapshot visualize sales data in realtime. We believe the only way to truly be successful in sales is to keep the cost of leads low, the conversion rate high and the lifetime value of a customer high. It doesn’t need to be any more complicated than that.


Sales Dashboards

Build your own sales dashboard using flexible, pre-configured charts and visualization tools. You can also create multiple dashboards with variable graphs and charts focusing on various aspects of sales performance.

Real time collaboration.
Data instantly available to your sales force, anywhere.


Connector grows with you. Pay as you go, per month. No setup fee and no contracts.

*All prices are shown in USD, and while you are seeing your local currency here, it might be slightly different by the time your credit card company processes the transaction.

$per month
  • 1 User
$per month
  • Up to 5 Users
$per month
  • Up to 10 Users

 Unlimited Contacts

Import in bulk using CSV files or manually add unlimited contacts. Use the Connector mobile app business card reader to automatically add contacts inside Connector.

 Email History Tracking

With Connector if your mailboxes support IMAP then all your inbound and outbound mail is automatically linked with your contacts.

 File Management

Upload and attach files to a contact profile to create rich contact profiles. Have all your contact information and interactions in one centralized location.


Use the calendar web app and email reminders to managing your meetings and events. Create shared calendars for more effective sales force collaboration.

 Business card reader

Download the free business card app to use with your Connector web app. With one click import contact details directly from business cards.

 24/7 Support

Customer support when you need it via live chat, email and phone or through our online knowledge base.