How to Create Client Relationships That Actually Sell

Posted by | Uncategorized | December 03, 2013
The key to building a successful business in just about every industry is strong client relationships. Companies that fail to attract the loyalty of their customers generally find that their sales suffer as a result, and may find their very existence is in question. Creating these relationships is not easy, even with powerful CRM software, but if your company puts in the necessary effort to create robust relationships with your clients, you are likely to find that such an approach pays off when it comes to boosting sales. Some suggestions for pursuing such an approach are outlined below.

Differentiate Between Fulfilling Expectations and Creating Loyalty

Simply delivering what a customer has ordered does not necessarily create the type of loyalty that adds to sales. While this is a starting point for building your client relationships, go beyond just meeting expectations to imprint your brand identity firmly in your clients’ minds. A personal touch can pay dividends in this regard. Pay attention to significant client events such as birthdays, promotions, and the like and use them to demonstrate that your clients are more than simply sales opportunities.

Integrate Yourself into Your Clients’ Operations

Making yourself essential, or at least complementary, to the business operations of your clients is one surefire way to build loyalty. You can help this process along by going the extra mile and providing industry news, tips, and resources to your clients, as well as by offering them assistance in both the planning and execution of new initiatives which touch on your products, using Connector CRM to help coordinate the process.

Be Proactive

Any salesperson worth his or her salt knows that waiting for sales opportunities to walk in the door is a less than optimal way of doing business. The same applies to building relationships that sell. Rather than waiting for customers to come to you, ask them to consider partnering with your firm, or engaging in planning or strategy sessions to maximize the value of your joint efforts. Conference calls, webinars, and other such collaborative opportunities can be used to help cement the bond between your firm and its clients.

Avoid Over-Standardizing Client Interaction

While your general approach to client interaction should be communicated to your staff and associates, don’t make your customer outreach efforts so regimented that you alienate those clients who require more personalized attention. This may be more costly than a standardized approach, but it can result in increased client loyalty leading to greater sales, thus making it worth considering, especially for higher value clients. CRM management software is invaluable here by allowing for individualized documentation of client preferences.

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