How to Stop Ruining Your Customer Relationships

Posted by | Uncategorized | December 03, 2013
The difference between selling a product and building a relationship is that the latter does not involve trying to make every single interaction be about the former. If you inundate your customers with sales pitch after sales pitch, you risk alienating them and losing them as customers. Whereas if you spend as much time with your customers building a relationship as you do selling product you are likely to find that the relationship leads to greater sales than would otherwise be the case.

To nurture client relationships a balanced approach is needed when it comes to the sales and post-sales communication stream. The goal is to show the customer that you are interested not only in selling them a product, but also in helping them use that product in a way that helps them meet their objectives. To help nurture, rather than ruin, your customer relationships, a customer relationship management system is highly recommended, as is following the tips listed below.

Prioritize Post-sales Outreach

This is where many a customer relationship goes bad. Too many companies tilt their emphasis towards making new sales at the cost of nurturing their relationships with existing customers by reaching out to them post-sale. While these customers may not be ready to purchase again from you right away, they are likely to do so in time if they feel that their business is valued. Assign personnel and resources to perform this function as a way to build, rather than neglect, customer relationships.

Adjust Outreach by Customer Type

Different types of customers may benefit from different levels of outreach. A one-size-fits-all approach to post-sales customer contact may result in an inefficient use of resources as well as customer dissatisfaction. For best results, make sure to categorize customer types in your CRM management software and align your outreach efforts to those types, whether such efforts involve some combination of email and personal interaction, multiple department follow-up, or the like.

Integrate Customer Support Efforts

While bombarding your customers with constant sales pitches is a good way to alienate them, keeping your sales staff out of the loop entirely regarding follow-up efforts is not optimal either. Keep your sales team informed about customer outreach activity as well as interaction with service and support personnel. A CRM system such as Connector CRM can help in this process by providing a variety of solutions that can be of use when it comes to organizing multiple outreach efforts.

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